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Hey man you're located in the Vegas area correct? I got a recommendation to check out your shop for some piercings need.

I am in Las Vegas. I am at Club Tattoo in the miracle mile shops of Planet Hollywood.

My schedule is easy:

Wednesday 5-11pm
Thursday 5-11pm
Saturday 10am-6pm
Sunday 10am-5pm

Swing on down and we can chat.

Just in case you forget

Just in case you forget

What did you do tonight you ask?

Oh yeah, bacon.

Well played workout. Well played.

Split jerk work today. Haven’t done that in a while. 5 sets of 3 #135

5 rounds

10 burpees
10 kb #53


vaughnbodyarts is the bees knees. I got some rad swag from them today. If you are in the Monterey area, check them out.

vaughnbodyarts is the bees knees. I got some rad swag from them today. If you are in the Monterey area, check them out.

Daith piercing with a pretty white gold ring.

Daith piercing with a pretty white gold ring.

I have a question! I cane across your blog and noticed you're a piercer and I have a question about my navel piercing. I got it pierced Friday and it started slightly bleeding today and yesterday. Is that normal?

Hi there!

A fresh piercing can certainly have some spot type bleeding. Without seeing your particular piercing I can’t see if there is any extra factors to yours having bleeding due to placement, jewelry used or anatomy specifics.

You can do things like eating heavy leafy greens (kale, spinach) or other high iron rich foods can help.

Staying away from blood thinners such as caffeine, illicit activities or heavy alcohol consumption will help.

At the end of the day unless you can hear the blood whooshing it will stop. Remember you just had a hole poked in your skin and placed a foreign object in its place.

Www.safepiercing.org has a great piercer locator function to help in locating a reputable piercer hopefully in your area.

Today the kid got to help out with adding some weight to the sleds, 35lbs extra to be exact.


Here at Vaughn Body Arts, our clients safety and the cleanliness of the piercing services we provide are top priority. 

We always sterilize all jewelry, instruments, single use needles and any other items we use for your piercing right in front of you just prior to your piercing, utilizing sterilizers that are made for processing hollow items (such as jewelry, needles, etc.). Not all sterilizers can process hollow items.

Here’s a photo of a sterilizer commonly used in a lot of studios, which DOES NOT sterilize hollow items. 

We also have a test strip called a class 5 integrator that runs with every sterilization cycle. These integrators monitor for temperature, pressure and exposure time. They provide a white bar that climbs black into either a “fail” or “pass” section on the strip and we show that to you before we pierce you, so you know everything sterilized properly. 

In addition, we also do biological spore testing on both of our sterilizers on a weekly basis. The spores strips are ran through our sterilizers, then they are sent to North Bay Bioscience where their laboratory tests the spore strips to ensure our sterilizers are working properly. 

We realize this post isn’t as exciting or attractive looking as the usual piercing photos we post, but we feel it is very important that clients understand the importance of choosing a clean and safe studio for their piercings. 

For more information, take a moment to read this “Picking A Piercer” brochure from The Association of Professional Piercers


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Do yourself a favor and tip your piercer for a job well done.